The Last of Us Concept Art

Hello again! Most of you guys have already heard about the masterpiece of a game, “The Last of Us” , by now. Yup, I was one of the extremely lucky ones to have contributed to it!

We were mostly tasked to create various product logos, store fronts, posters, ads, and all sorts of minor details of the game to make it seem real. I won’t post those stuff because it’s not really my forte.

These images which I just got the release approval to were my favorite contributions to the game. I haven’t played it yet but apparently, the firefly logo and group that I contributed to is an important part of the game!

It was sooo awesome to see this bathtub scene created in 3D and they even made a real life version of it for a booth.. WOW!

PS: I used my real name (David Villegas) here to be safe.

Props to all those artists who have worked on the game! You guys know who you are!

On other news, I’m currently doing concept art for a local sci-fi animation gig. It’s gonna be epic!

Diablo 3 Anniversary!

Hey Guys! Here’s another Diablo 3 Fanart for the Anniversary! Now with a horror movie poster vibe!

I’m one of the few artists who will be featured again by Blizzard for the Diablo 3 Anniversary! Yay! Thanks to Vaeflare!

Larger image HERE since I can’t afford to host it. :P..


PS: Video process soon! Let me wrap up some other stuff first!

Summer Komikon 2013!

New art! Sold some prints of this girl at the summer komikon. (NSFW version here) I didn’t expect it to sell well but it did! Makes me want to do more original stuff! …so yeah, lesson learned! Also, I met a lot of new people and stuff! Thanks to those who got prints! Sorry to those who were too late! Next time maybe?

Thanks to the team, Makasining, for all the support!

Anyhow, just wanted this to be a quick update so here’s a knight sketch inspired by playing too much Dark souls. Enjoy!


Tomb Raider Stuff!

Whew! Here’s my entry for Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Reborn contest. Took way to long but it was all worth it..

I used tons of custom brushes.. no photos.. its really hard but I learned a lot more by doing this the hard way.. XD

Also, I’m already one of the 25 finalists! Woohooo!

FREE PSD here!!

Video Process here:

WARNING: Too much Alt+Tabbing in the video… might make people nauseous



-Doing line art can be fun too… BUT.. don’t neglect your values! Make sure you’re values are planned out from the start. My mistake was focusing too much on the elements and not on the overall look of the painting. Since I finished the character first, this gave me a chance to adapt the background based on the character’s values. A good rule of thumb is to place light parts against dark areas and vice versa to generate contrast. You can see how the background is dark under the parts where Lara Croft is lit and vice versa.

-One major mistake I made earlier on was not balancing the pose correctly. This was pointed out by a fellow artist and friend who is really awesome with anatomy stuff. Check his stuff out here: Since Lara Croft’s right arm was raised, it didn’t make sense that her right leg was also raised. It’s like walking with both your right foot and arm being raised at the same time. Glad I was able to fix this early on.

-I took my time to do a lot of research and I think it paid off. I watched a lot of Tomb Raider promotional videos and even some movie scenes with explosions just to get a good feel for what I’m aiming for. I also collected around 80 reference images for all the unfamiliar elements I had to draw. Anatomy is still an issue for me so I had to use a lot of references and some DAZ 3D assistance because I really wanted to get this looking correct since this was supposed to be a print.


Thanks for watching!

Did this in around 25+hrs spread across two weeks.

February stuff

Hi guys! Can’t believe it’s mid February already… As usual, I neglected this blog again. I realized that in terms of online marketing, this blog is only secondary to social sites like Facebook or Deviantart. People would rather click “like” than read a blog these days… From now on, I’m going to immediately post new art on facebook, deviantart, or cghub as soon as I finish them and only update this blog once I get a decent amount of images up or at least once a month. (I can’t believe I didn’t do that sooner.)

Anyway, here’s an environment sketch inspired by Shaddy Safadi’s tutorials: This is also my most popular image to date! Can anyone explain how that happened?

The image below is something inspired a little by Anime in general. Nothing fancy. I just used looser brushes from Jaime Jones’ set while selecting colors using the slider only. Fun stuff!

Below are some old studies. ( Insect was supposed to be for a bloodsports challenge I didn’t finish.)

My contest entry for Anthony Jones’ contest below. I’m not happy with it but for the 1 hour deadline, I guess it’s decent.

Random comfort-zone-robot-portrait below!

On other news, I got featured at Diablo 3’s official site last month!!

Big thanks to BLIZZARD and Vaeflare for giving me that privilege!!

Anyway, I’m still trying to finish as much old sketches as I can. It just feels a lot better to not have tons of WIPs lying around. I’m just not that type of artist.

So yeah, see you guys at the next update! Catch me usually at my Facebook page, DA or CGhub!


So I missed the year-end-post…I’m late again! …but whatever.. Happy New Year!!

Here’s a portrait of some girl… my last 2012 illustration.. It started out as a practice of Nathan Fowkes’ method and turned into this character for my story that I haven’t finished yet.

I’m giving away the PSD of this portrait for FREE!! There are some tips inside so check it out! I hope it helps!


And here are some 2012 monster sketches that I polished a while ago. Horny Beasts!

Of course we can’t end this post without some 2012 reflections, now, can’t we?

Had lots of highs and lows but the great thing was I learned a lot!


  • Greatest realization in art… if it’s not fun.. then you’re doing it wrong.. I should always remember why I got into this in the first place… FIND FUN!!!
  • This year was great for art… I think I made the most personal stuff this year.. 25+ personal illustrations/sketches and 10+ studies.. a little better than last year… gotta step it up next year! Also joined this helpful art group called Study Muffins. Thanks guys!
  • Worked on two major upcoming soon-to-be-super-awesome games.
  • Learned better ways to set up routines, schedules, etc… efficiency!
  • I  had a decent amount of people/leadership skills growth mostly from my day job which involved working with teammates and foreign clients… going out of my comfort zone!.. was actually fun!

Lows: ( because knowing is half the battle! )

  • I still have tons of unfinished goals, sketches, things to get.. etc… im workin!
  • Letting stress get to you is bad! I learned the hard way when I let it turn into frustration that made me do insensitive actions. I can easily be too blunt and condescending with how I approach things… I’m definitely changing this!
  • Related to the post above… I need to stop over thinking stuff… just need to relax.

So 2011 was about testing the waters.. 2012 was about getting more responsibilities.. and hopefully 2013 will be more about efficiency and balance.

Thank you very much for dropping by. SO LONG 2012!

Happy 2013!!