So I missed the year-end-post…I’m late again! …but whatever.. Happy New Year!!

Here’s a portrait of some girl… my last 2012 illustration.. It started out as a practice of Nathan Fowkes’ method and turned into this character for my story that I haven’t finished yet.

I’m giving away the PSD of this portrait for FREE!! There are some tips inside so check it out! I hope it helps!


And here are some 2012 monster sketches that I polished a while ago. Horny Beasts!

Of course we can’t end this post without some 2012 reflections, now, can’t we?

Had lots of highs and lows but the great thing was I learned a lot!


  • Greatest realization in art… if it’s not fun.. then you’re doing it wrong.. I should always remember why I got into this in the first place… FIND FUN!!!
  • This year was great for art… I think I made the most personal stuff this year.. 25+ personal illustrations/sketches and 10+ studies.. a little better than last year… gotta step it up next year! Also joined this helpful art group called Study Muffins. Thanks guys!
  • Worked on two major upcoming soon-to-be-super-awesome games.
  • Learned better ways to set up routines, schedules, etc… efficiency!
  • I  had a decent amount of people/leadership skills growth mostly from my day job which involved working with teammates and foreign clients… going out of my comfort zone!.. was actually fun!

Lows: ( because knowing is half the battle! )

  • I still have tons of unfinished goals, sketches, things to get.. etc… im workin!
  • Letting stress get to you is bad! I learned the hard way when I let it turn into frustration that made me do insensitive actions. I can easily be too blunt and condescending with how I approach things… I’m definitely changing this!
  • Related to the post above… I need to stop over thinking stuff… just need to relax.

So 2011 was about testing the waters.. 2012 was about getting more responsibilities.. and hopefully 2013 will be more about efficiency and balance.

Thank you very much for dropping by. SO LONG 2012!

Happy 2013!!

2 Demons and some heads

Demon stuff… it’s always fun to do monsters and demons!

Also, I have this new goal of getting better with faces so I began to number my studies. The second image below are all studies from Loomis. I might go and copy all the heads he drew in his book, “Drawing the Head and Hands”. Anyway, its just a small update… laters!

Sketches and Study Muffins

Happy Halloween!

Can’t believe I haven’t updated for months… I guess it started when I finished my D3 fan art. I played too much D3 and got into too much work overtime. Then I got too lazy and burnt out and didn’t want to draw… felt like crap.. like I didn’t want to do any more art for a while… Then, I joined a small group and now I got tons of new sketches just this October.

Gotta thank the “Study Muffins” for inspiring me to get back into the game!

Let’s start off with a portrait study.

Now, here are the rest of my October sketches. Doing these faster artworks is very refreshing. You don’t get burnt out and you get inspired to do more since you don’t get attached or stuck in any of them. Art should be FUN! If it’s not, then you’re doing something wrong.. or its just not for you. Anyway, these are mostly random stuff. Eventually, I’ll know what I’d really love to draw.

Lesson learned.. don’t burn out yourself.. your career is a marathon and not a race.. learn to pace yourself. Also, get some exercise! Cheers!

Diablo 3 Fan Art – Painting Process

Here are the video processes of my latest fan art project!

To summarize what these are for. I made these fan art because I’m a big Blizzard fan. I wanted a glamour/action type of full body portrait that would go well as a poster on my wall. I also wanted full body shots because I wanted to design their armor myself, staying close to the original but still giving it a lot of personal touches.

This is going to be my longest post so I’ll try to divide it into categories:

#1 Barbarian

For this one, I actually love the twist of how they depicted that barbarian as an extremely buffed old man who spins around with his attacks like a ballerina.

WARNING: Lots of half naked muscle-ly dudes flashing from time to time!



-This piece was the first one I did. It was actually inspired by Michael Kutche’s Viking illustration which has a similar composition with two enemies framing the hero.  Anyway, I initially did this for the contest (where I didn’t place) but then this also later inspired me to push creating the set of d3 fan art.

-As you can see in the video, I started out with a TERRIBLE colored sketch which I’m quite ashamed of. After blocking of the character and elements I thought I had a good grasp as to where the final look is heading but I was dead wrong. What happened was that I started coloring it without even knowing what kind of armor he’s wearing or what kind of expression he’s showing. This used up a ton of time for revisions AGAIN and AGAIN. I should have started color at a later time after I had sketched out the armor and pose which I did after failing again at my 2nd piece.

-To be completely honest, I am still the least satisfied with the pose in this piece. I tried acting his pose again and again in the mirror and I looked at tons of references and even resorted to using DAZ3D to help me with the pose. A lot of people would surely get disappointed knowing that I “cheated” with a 3D program. I will admit that I still have a ton to learn about anatomy and posing BUT my logic for doing this was that given my abilities and time constraint for this piece, I figured that instead of shooting myself with studio lights, which was difficult, why not just pose a 3D model and use it as reference? The problem that this would bring is the dependency on 3D. This just showed me my weakness dead on and gave me more reason to practice anatomy. Also, 3D models are not reliable because they were made through an eye of another artist which will be stylized and also muscle tension doesn’t work like in real life. So just a reminder to you guys and to myself… STUDY ANATOMY! NO EXCUSES!


#2 Wizard

The twist of this class that I liked is how the wizard is portrayed by a young arrogant Asian female instead of the stereotype wise old man.

WARNING: Don’t judge me based on the references I used!



 -This was the second piece I did. I did this simultaneously with the barbarian piece. This also meant that all the MISTAKES I had with the barbarian piece was REPEATED in this piece. I also didn’t block in enough details before coloring. I also WASTED a LOT of TIME revising the armor and the face. And again, I resorted to correcting my pose with the help of a 3D program. I also didn’t plan enough and just added the skeleton enemies at the last part. So as a reminder, if you are doing an illustration or even a concept art, study study study and PLAN PLAN PLAN before jumping and coloring everything! (Sure it’s also ok to start with colors if you are doing works that are more spontaneous and have more emotion but for stuff like these, PLAN first!)

 -Doing bricks was too tedious so in cases like these, it’s perfectly fine to use photos that you paint over BUT be sure you are not stealing from anybody! -I enjoyed designing the armor on this one because I strayed away from the original designs more than the other pieces.


#3 Monk

The design twist I liked was the addition a long beard and the katars to a monk.



-This was the 3rd illustration I did of the set. After failing hard for two consecutive times with the barbarian and wizard illustration, I decided to take the blocking in stage more seriously. I realized that my idols like Luvisi and Algenpfleger both started with strong line art before coloring. I decided to do a similar approach which helped speed up my colored a lot!

-Doing a lot of humans in a scene is VERY difficult because it’s easier to see anatomy errors than say from dragons or monsters. I underestimated this part a lot but it was out of my comfort zone so it was all good.

-Use guide lines to help yourself with the perspective. LEVENTEP’s brushes have perspective guides.

-For the monk’s pose, I looked at a lot of martial arts photos and I used the kneaded eraser on my desk to get the pose right. For the final fine tweaking, I decided to recreate the pose in 3D and it helped me fix the perspective of the torso and the leg at the back.

-Painting scenes with strong sunlight is very fun but is very hard compared to a night scene. Layout out the right colors at the start is more critical also.


#4 Demon Hunter

This one was the most interesting character design for me. They designed the agile demon hunter with crossbows being used like handguns covered her in full plate while still being able to leap into the air and avoid enemies.. not to mention the glowing demonic eyes.



-Realizing how smooth the process for the monk went, I decided that for this 4th piece, I was going to use the same process but with a simpler twist. This time, I will take the line art to a grayscale with values before coloring it. This process will only work on dark scenes and is NOT RECOMMENDED for day time scenes.

-I referenced her pose on various female super heroes being in the air while poised. I thought that it suited this character well; I mean how else will you portray a character with magical hand guns with infinite bullets? (I don’t even know what the quivers are for now)    -For her face, I used a lot of faces where I picked up different queues on how to do her emotion and the lighting. This helps you a lot in understanding how to render compared to just copying once reference exactly.

-This piece went on the smoothest because of the process and because monsters are the easiest.


 #5 Witch Doctor

The addition of this indigenous themed class with the necromancer-like abilities was very interesting for a mainly gothic themed game.



-Since this was also a night piece, I decided to create it in the same process as the demon hunter. This went fairly smooth with a lot of adjustments to get the color right. Replace color is very underestimated I think. It helps me correct the mistakes that occur when you color a gray scaled image.

 -Btw, coloring a gray scaled image takes a lot of layers set to hard light for initial color, overlay for additional saturation, and multiply to fix those dead highlights. After that, I paint with normal mode and fix what I can.

 -This was very fun to do because I used myself as a reference a lot. All the hands there were directly referenced from my left hand using a mirror and a lamp.

 -The two demons behind were blocked in with a wrong proportion which I had to correct at a later stage.

 -I think this piece benefitted a lot from the mistakes I made from the previous 4 that this has become one of my favorite illustrations.


Thanks for watching! Did each in around 20+ hrs +2hrs of research + 3hrs of facebooking. XD

No more major illustrations for a while. No more fan arts for a while.. I would just focus first on getting my secret stuff started while going back to basics. Time to move on to greater things!

Epic Diablo 3 Fan Art

Finally! After sooo long, here are some fresh stuff!

I actually started these for a small contest by Blizzard Entertainment for Diablo 3 but I wasn’t able to finish them and only entered two. Then I realized the potential in doing high quality D3 fanart for publicity. Not only was it for good press but would also serve as a good practice for me. Then, eventually, it turned into this 3 month beast of a personal project. I actually started mid-April and finished just two days ago working on these on and off after my day-job.

My art direction was like this because I wanted a glamour/fashion/action type of full body portraits. I wanted to stay close to the original designs while giving it a little twist. Also, since Diablo 3 is a top-down type of game, seeing action and skills up close would be very interesting for the target audience. Although it was very fun to do, I actually got burnt out just because it took soo long to finish. (blame my busy day-job haha) Still, I got what I wanted and learned a ton about composition, posing, anatomy, lighting, armor designs, and most importantly, about being PATIENT and STICKING to your plan to the end.

So without further ado, here they are! (right click “open in new tab” to see bigger size)

What are your favs? I’m curious.

ALSO, I have video processes of these coming soon! Til then!

Summer Komikon 2012! and some preview..

Hi guys! I’m still alive! lol.. So I just got home from Summer Komikon 2012. It was damn tiring but totally worth it! (Met a few of my idols who actually liked my stuff! ) Massive thanks to fellow “Makasining” members who gave me a chance to showcase my stuff and for being awesome!

I totally recommend visiting their DA portfolios here:

Also, thanks to those who got some limited prints from me! I won’t print them again so, to those who got one, better take care of it! lol

I won’t upload these new stuff yet since I want to tweak some more things before I publish it online BUT here’s a preview of what I’ve been cooking up for the past few weeks. Some epic Diablo 3 fanart! Watch out for the full artworks soon! (prolly next week) Video process coming soon too!