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Pros and Cons as a Freelance Artist

I went full-time freelance almost 3 years ago now.  A lot of things changed, clients have come and gone  and I learned a few things. I like to organize my thoughts in this blog to serve as a reminder to me to prevent repeating mistakes. Being a full-time freelancer for 2 years and 8 months,… Read more »

Breaking into the field

What advice can you give someone breaking into this field? The best advice that I can give is to be persistent. It took me a very long time to break into the field and it was really a matter of the right people seeing my work. To that end I would recommend getting a simple… Read more »

Originality of Concept

“The idea of ‘originality of concept’ being the highest value in art is a legitimate one. “ -Craig Mullins just a phrase to remind me… I must admit that a lot of my works are just shallow eye candy. Gotta get back to that creative mood again SOON!