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February stuff

Trail of the Gods

Hi guys! Can’t believe it’s mid February already… As usual, I neglected this blog again. I realized that in terms of online marketing, this blog is only secondary to social sites like Facebook or Deviantart. People would rather click “like” than read a blog these days… From now on, I’m going to immediately post new art on facebook,… Read more »

Sketches and Study Muffins

Green Robot

Happy Halloween! Can’t believe I haven’t updated for months… I guess it started when I finished my D3 fan art. I played too much D3 and got into too much work overtime. Then I got too lazy and burnt out and didn’t want to draw… felt like crap.. like I didn’t want to do any… Read more »



Hola! My first serious illustration of a dragon. This started out as a random speed paint and ended up like this after around 9hours. Big thanks to nebezial for his awesome tutorials! Anyway, I’m trying to practice constructing heads now  after doing the Miyazaki piece… realized that I waste too much time fixing those poorly… Read more »

Deathline goals and some polished sketches


To anybody wondering why I stopped posting for like a month, I’ve been really busy with some work here and there that I can’t really talk about. To catch up on lost time and updates, here are a few old and recent sketches and one sorta new memory inspired painting of a random girl there… Read more »

A few sci-fi sketches

Sewer Cyborg

I’ve always loved sci-fi stuff but I’ve never really done much personal art under that genre. Here are a few of my random ideas done since last week. These aren’t really full illustrations but more of mood/concept art pieces. I find them more relaxing to do and easier to let go of. Most of these were… Read more »

Project Crow – 2

Project Crow

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last updated. 🙁 Doing video-editing freelance work sure is tiring and distracting from doing my art. But, hey! Here’s an update to the helmet of project crow! I wasn’t supposed to make a realistic face but I just got carried away since I remembered telling my friends… Read more »