The Sims 4

I was assigned to lead a team of 12 artists for almost 2 years to do the clothes assets. We used a combination of tools from EA on top of Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop. We worked closely with an awesome team from EA (Ti, Derek, Caiphus, Alex, Ethan, Lisette) to help bring the assets up to quality. Each cloth asset was art directed down to the pixel to make sure it looks best in the least amount of resolution possible. The screenshots below are the combination of assets I did from modeling, UV, sculpting, baking, texturing, weighing and even the final setup before being imported in-game.

During the early part of the project, we also did a ton of concept art for boring stuff like chairs, tables, etc. The best part however was when they decided to create a whole room. We were taught by Alex Flores, a fellow filipino and super awesome artist from EA, on how to create the concepts. We used simple modeled meshes in Maya that we rendered using the default daylight setting and we painted over each color and edges while adding tons of gradient shadings. This is my favorite work for Sims 4.