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The Sentinels and the Chimeras


The year is 2151 and almost 2/3rds of the earth is now a wasteland while the rest has been converted into a massive barriered utopia built by the richest and most powerful.The barrier city of Corinth is protected by an energy shield that prevents both the pollution and the mutated Chimeras from entering.

SENTINELS – the heroes of Corinth

The city of Corinth utilizes the most advanced technologies to maintain the original atmosphere and ecosystem of earth. The denizens here depend on the automated defense Sentries to guard the city. Little do they know that this whole system would be easily compromised as the Chimeras have discovered a vulnerability. The Chimeras has been trying for years to get their hands on the energy cores of Corinth. As the attacks have gotten more constant and after realizing that the automated sentries were not as useful, a group called the Sentinels were formed to permanently guard the city and scout the perimeters. This group is made up of the most intelligent and skilled individuals who have undergone almost complete cyber enhancements to enable them to go toe to toe with the battle hardened Chimeras.

1. Hephaestus

Originally served as one of the lead construction workers of the wall for the city of Corinth. Hephaestus’ cyber body is one of the strongest available to man. The wall was the only line of defense of humanity. After his side suffered heavy damage and casualties, that part of the city had to be closed down. He eventually got picked up to join the Sentinels. His determination and enhanced body proved to be one of the best assets of the team after he was trained to use heavy shields to act as the team’s moving wall.

2. Demeter

Reluctant to join the Sentinels at first. She was one of veterans of WW4 and claimed countless lives as a sniper. After seeing the destruction brought upon by the Chimeras to innocent lives, she decided to join the Sentinels to safeguard the city. She is the only member who still has more than 80% organic parts hidden inside her armor.

3. Athena

The leader and brains of the team. Athena is the best strategist around. Her head is literally a database of all the knowledge known to man. Although she has no combat capabilities, she is very mobile and can easily flee from any danger. When she founded the sentinels, she handpicked the best cyber enhanced individuals who had strengths that would play into each other’s weaknesses to create the perfect team.

4. Helios

The fastest in the team. He is trained in all forms of combat. Despite of this, he prefers to use his twin blades that can cut through any material.


Chronos is a scientist obsessed with the battery technology. He is one of the first who was able to stabilize the energy cores. This breakthrough enabled humanity to create the barriered city of Corinth. Up to this day, he is still experimenting with ways to manipulate this energy and he personally volunteered to be a Sentinel to test out his experiments on the unsuspecting Chimeras.

CHIMERAS- the villains from the Wastelands

These mutated beings were the work of the exiled members of humanity who believe that the next step in evolution is not just through cyber enhancements but also through forced biological mutations. These beings have adapted to live in underground caves where they have experimented on each other to mutate and evolve to survive the highly toxic atmosphere. They call themselves the Chimeras having mixed their DNAs with various life forms they collected which once roamed the earth. These mutations gave them increased senses and strength. However, their source of energy is limited and extremely difficult to produce due to the difficult terrain and extreme weather on the surface. This forces the Chimeras to constantly attack the city of Corinth and steal whatever energy sources and technology they can to survive and to someday create their own utopia.

1. Abaddon

One of the first mutations. He is the only chimera who survived the mutation of having six limbs. This proved very useful in combat as he can stabilize the energy blaster with his four legs. The energy blaster was designed to bring down the walls of Corinth once they have gotten close enough.

2. Lilith

Despite her appearance, Lilith is the most skilled assassin in the team with lightning fast reflexes. Her weapons look like simple katanas but are actually also laser pistols enabling her to be extremely versatile in combat. She was responsible for stealing the early version of the energy cores from the sentinels. This greately enhanced her team’s defense and offense capabilities.

3. Caim

The leader of the Chimera’s assault team, Caim is a master strategist and scientist who was able to figure out the weaknesses of Corinth’s defenses after studying and repurposing the stolen energy cores. His weapon is designed to temporarily disable shields to help his teammates finish the job. Having the DNA and tail of a Scorpion, unsuspecting foes will be surprised with his poisonous tail.

4. Kasdeya

Kasdeya’s mutation was designed to adapt to the highly toxic atmosphere of earth. She can breath the poison gas and fly right inside the unending thunderstorms to harvest the lightning energy and turn it against her enemies.

5. Agrona

Living as underground nomads, the Chimeras have to constantly move around due to the unstable terrain. They use diggers to easily create tunnels. Agrona, the fastest and largest digger was responsible for the biggest breach of the city of Corinth that enabled them to steal crucial technology.

The Sentinels VS the Chimeras in one image.