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2014 Wrap Up

Hey guys, I’ll just make this very short. Here are some stuff I did this year. My last client work for the year below. I also did a few speed paints that you can check at my facebook page. Advanced Happy New Year!

The Sims 4! Finally!

Sims 4 Body Male

Sims 4!! I don’t think I’ve really told you guys much about what I’ve done for work these past months/years so I’ll try to give more details now that the game is out. I’m extremely proud to have been part of the creation of the Sims 4! I’ve been involved with it since the end… Read more »

Diablo 3 Crusader Fanart!


Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates! Too much work and life caught up…  Anyway, the good thing is that I’m back! Here’s my entry for the recent contest at Deviantart! It’s just sad how DA poorly handled the contest. A vague rule apparently disqualified most entries and despite of that, some of the… Read more »

The Last of Us Concept Art


Hello again! Most of you guys have already heard about the masterpiece of a game, “The Last of Us” , by now. Yup, I was one of the extremely lucky ones to have contributed to it! We were mostly tasked to create various product logos, store fronts, posters, ads, and all sorts of minor details of the game… Read more »

Diablo 3 Anniversary!

Hey Guys! Here’s another Diablo 3 Fanart for the Anniversary! Now with a horror movie poster vibe! I’m one of the few artists who will be featured again by Blizzard for the Diablo 3 Anniversary! Yay! Thanks to Vaeflare! Larger image HERE since I can’t afford to host it. :P.. Laters! PS: Video process soon! Let me… Read more »

Summer Komikon 2013!


New art! Sold some prints of this girl at the summer komikon. (NSFW version here) I didn’t expect it to sell well but it did! Makes me want to do more original stuff! …so yeah, lesson learned! Also, I met a lot of new people and stuff! Thanks to those who got prints! Sorry to… Read more »