The Sims 4! Finally!

Sims 4!!

I don’t think I’ve really told you guys much about what I’ve done for work these past months/years so I’ll try to give more details now that the game is out.

I’m extremely proud to have been part of the creation of the Sims 4! I’ve been involved with it since the end of 2011 ’til March of 2014. I still can’t believe it was that long but it was definitely a fun learning experience! I’d like to detail everything out but it might bore you guys so I’ll just put bullet points of the highlights of production:

  • Did a few art tests and learned how to create design documents
  • Made props and room concept art using 3D as base
  • Learned the 3D hand painted texture style
  • First time to learn and use Zbrush for production
  • Lead a small team of 4 that eventually scaled up to 11 people
  • Thanks to these guys, I learned how to better communicate and how to organize things in excel sheets. Doing good art is one thing and managing a group of people to be consistent is a whole other level. My patience was tested but thanks to their support, we managed to pull everything together. Thanks to my teammates, Gizelle, Aaron, Anshelle, Marion, Maurice, MJ, Arvin, Emman, Mike, Nad, Teejay, JJ, Jackson, Chen, Jael, Noel, to the objects team, and to the rest of the crew at the office.
  • Our clients from EA visited us a few times in the Philippines and it was a memorable experience meeting them. Nothing beats getting feedback and lessons face to face. This was also the first time EA credited us outsourcers! Big thanks to Derek, Ti, Caiphus, Ethan, Alex, and Lisette! Thank you very much for everything!

Hope I didn’t bore you guys. Here are some of the 3D clothes I did for the game. EA did all the skin and most of the meshes so it was easier for us to put clothes on them. Cheers! (I don’t think I can release some concept art but this will do for now.)

PS: If you know me in real life.. these guys should look familiar. 😉

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