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Pros and Cons as a Freelance Artist

I went full-time freelance almost 3 years ago now.  A lot of things changed, clients have come and gone  and I learned a few things. I like to organize my thoughts in this blog to serve as a reminder to me to prevent repeating mistakes. Being a full-time freelancer for 2 years and 8 months,… Read more »

2015 Summary and Freelancing with Local vs Foreign Clients

Happy new year everyone! ! 2015 has been a year of transitions. I started working freelance full-time since March. The company I worked for changed industries and left the gaming industry unfortunately. This has been the main push for me and my colleagues to get out of our comfort zones. I thought freelancing would make… Read more »

New Website!

Hi Guys! You probably noticed that my site has a new layout! It’s very hard to let go of the old website design since I put tons of hours into creating it. A lot of attention was put into the layout textures and details to try to emulate Blizzard websites. I think I sort of… Read more »

2014 Wrap Up

Hey guys, I’ll just make this very short. Here are some stuff I did this year. My last client work for the year below. I also did a few speed paints that you can check at my facebook page. Advanced Happy New Year!

The Sims 4! Finally!

Sims 4 Body Male

Sims 4!! I don’t think I’ve really told you guys much about what I’ve done for work these past months/years so I’ll try to give more details now that the game is out. I’m extremely proud to have been part of the creation of the Sims 4! I’ve been involved with it since the end… Read more »

The Last of Us Concept Art


Hello again! Most of you guys have already heard about the masterpiece of a game, “The Last of Us” , by now. Yup, I was one of the extremely lucky ones to have contributed to it! We were mostly tasked to create various product logos, store fronts, posters, ads, and all sorts of minor details of the game… Read more »