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2014 Wrap Up

Hey guys, I’ll just make this very short. Here are some stuff I did this year. My last client work for the year below. I also did a few speed paints that you can check at my facebook page. Advanced Happy New Year!

Diablo 3 Anniversary!

Hey Guys! Here’s another Diablo 3 Fanart for the Anniversary! Now with a horror movie poster vibe! I’m one of the few artists who will be featured again by Blizzard for the Diablo 3 Anniversary! Yay! Thanks to Vaeflare! Larger image HERE since I can’t afford to host it. :P.. Laters! PS: Video process soon! Let me… Read more »

Summer Komikon 2013!


New art! Sold some prints of this girl at the summer komikon. (NSFW version here) I didn’t expect it to sell well but it did! Makes me want to do more original stuff! …so yeah, lesson learned! Also, I met a lot of new people and stuff! Thanks to those who got prints! Sorry to… Read more »

Tomb Raider Stuff!

Tomb Raider Reborn Contest Entry

Whew! Here’s my entry for Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Reborn contest. Took way to long but it was all worth it.. I used tons of custom brushes.. no photos.. its really hard but I learned a lot more by doing this the hard way.. XD Also, I’m already one of the 25 finalists! Woohooo! FREE… Read more »

Diablo 3 Fan Art – Painting Process


Here are the video processes of my latest fan art project! To summarize what these are for. I made these fan art because I’m a big Blizzard fan. I wanted a glamour/action type of full body portrait that would go well as a poster on my wall. I also wanted full body shots because I… Read more »

Epic Diablo 3 Fan Art


Finally! After sooo long, here are some fresh stuff! I actually started these for a small contest by Blizzard Entertainment for Diablo 3 but I wasn’t able to finish them and only entered two. Then I realized the potential in doing high quality D3 fanart for publicity. Not only was it for good press but would also serve… Read more »