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Diablo 3 Crusader Fanart!


Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates! Too much work and life caught up…  Anyway, the good thing is that I’m back! Here’s my entry for the recent contest at Deviantart! It’s just sad how DA poorly handled the contest. A vague rule apparently disqualified most entries and despite of that, some of the… Read more »

Tomb Raider Stuff!

Tomb Raider Reborn Contest Entry

Whew! Here’s my entry for Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Reborn contest. Took way to long but it was all worth it.. I used tons of custom brushes.. no photos.. its really hard but I learned a lot more by doing this the hard way.. XD Also, I’m already one of the 25 finalists! Woohooo! FREE… Read more »

Diablo 3 Fan Art – Painting Process


Here are the video processes of my latest fan art project! To summarize what these are for. I made these fan art because I’m a big Blizzard fan. I wanted a glamour/action type of full body portrait that would go well as a poster on my wall. I also wanted full body shots because I… Read more »

Epic Diablo 3 Fan Art


Finally! After sooo long, here are some fresh stuff! I actually started these for a small contest by Blizzard Entertainment for Diablo 3 but I wasn’t able to finish them and only entered two. Then I realized the potential in doing high quality D3 fanart for publicity. Not only was it for good press but would also serve… Read more »

Summer Komikon 2012! and some preview..


Hi guys! I’m still alive! lol.. So I just got home from Summer Komikon 2012. It was damn tiring but totally worth it! (Met a few of my idols who actually liked my stuff! ) Massive thanks to fellow “Makasining” members who gave me a chance to showcase my stuff and for being awesome! I totally… Read more »

Monsters and Pointy Rocks


Hey guys! ..It’s been a while… again. So, as promised I applied some of the stuff I learned about anatomy on these illustrations. Yep, not a sketch or speed paint but illustrations! Anyway, I decided to make this image for practice and as a new portfolio piece just because I am a huge fan of the… Read more »