I can finally say that it has STARTED!

Anyway, you guys are probably wondering who Deiv Calviz is or what he is doing with “Kenzuke’s” artworks. So yeah, I’m finally going to let go of that alias… but why not use my real name, instead? Yeah, I’ve thought about that after googling it and finding 10 million people with a few being in the same art industry, great!

So to make it short, I chose Deiv Calviz because of the following reasons:

  • Deiv is supposed to be pronounced like “Dave”, my real life nick name.

  • Calviz is actually a mixture of my middle name and surname with a “C” and a “Z” at the end just to make it unique

  • There are no google hits of “Deiv Calviz” and they work out fine individually.

  • Finally, I obviously want to market myself better which leads me to the reasons for creating this blog.

…which are:

  • to market myself..DUH!

  • to motivate and remind myself of my ultimate art goal which is to enter the movie or game industry as a concept artist!

  • to share it, of course, and hopefully be an inspiration to other people like what other artists did to me.

And so, that solves the mystery of Deiv Calviz.

Saying that, you guys better expect more illustrations, speed paintings, walk-through videos, process shots, art tips, and what not!

Please look around my almost empty site. Oh, I recommend checking out my interactive portfolio and my visual novel as advertised.


-Deiv Calviz