Process Video – Misaki Nakahara Fan Art

Ok, first of all I admit that I had a lot of mistakes in this artwork, mainly in the face part. That’s why the first half is like dedicated to just the face!

Cute girls will always be harder to draw compared to macho men IMO!

Take note also that I was not able to include the first part which was sketching the pose. I included the pose reference in the file and I did NOT TRACE over it.

Also here are a few pointers I learned from doing this:

  • Translating from anime style to semi-realistic is NOT as simple as shading the 2D anime line work. What I learned is that it was easier to try to look for references of real people who look like the anime character instead of just imagining transforming it into a real person.

  • Having separate layers for the character and the background helps a lot especially if your background needs lots of strokes.

  • Textures! Even a slight overlay of texture(artificial or not), or the slightest noise, helps in making an image appear less digital!

  • Oh, and just don’t forget flipping the image over from time to time as well as setting a grayscale adjustment layer on top to check for values. If it looks good when flipped or when grayscaled, then you are going the right direction.

Well, that’s it! Thanks for watching!

Total time it took to finish this was around 15 hours within 3 days compressed in 14 minutes.

Final artwork can be found at my “works” page.

Music is by the awesome Alexander Blu! (creative commons)…


I can finally say that it has STARTED!

Anyway, you guys are probably wondering who Deiv Calviz is or what he is doing with “Kenzuke’s” artworks. So yeah, I’m finally going to let go of that alias… but why not use my real name, instead? Yeah, I’ve thought about that after googling it and finding 10 million people with a few being in the same art industry, great!

So to make it short, I chose Deiv Calviz because of the following reasons:

  • Deiv is supposed to be pronounced like “Dave”, my real life nick name.

  • Calviz is actually a mixture of my middle name and surname with a “C” and a “Z” at the end just to make it unique

  • There are no google hits of “Deiv Calviz” and they work out fine individually.

  • Finally, I obviously want to market myself better which leads me to the reasons for creating this blog.

…which are:

  • to market myself..DUH!

  • to motivate and remind myself of my ultimate art goal which is to enter the movie or game industry as a concept artist!

  • to share it, of course, and hopefully be an inspiration to other people like what other artists did to me.

And so, that solves the mystery of Deiv Calviz.

Saying that, you guys better expect more illustrations, speed paintings, walk-through videos, process shots, art tips, and what not!

Please look around my almost empty site. Oh, I recommend checking out my interactive portfolio and my visual novel as advertised.


-Deiv Calviz