Project Crow – 2

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last updated. 🙁

Doing video-editing freelance work sure is tiring and distracting from doing my art. But, hey! Here’s an update to the helmet of project crow! I wasn’t supposed to make a realistic face but I just got carried away since I remembered telling my friends that I would draw a guy’s face next so, here it is! My first male portrait(head) illustration! ( This took around 3 hours  )

I learned a lot from Adonihs and Rahll from DA. Cheers!

Project Crow Progress – 1

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting these past few days. I was really not in the mood to do any art even if my brain is full of new ideas. haha.

Anyway, as you guys have noticed, I’m more of an illustrator than a concept artist right now. That brings me to create this new piece! Well, it’s not really done yet since it’s just concept art. I thought I should try my own design on a futuristic soldier since its really popular in the movie and game industry.  I might turn this into a story of its own, who knows? For now, it’s called project “Crow”.

That’s it for now, gotta keep postin to keep this ball rollin!

-Deiv Calviz

Breaking into the field

What advice can you give someone breaking into this field?

The best advice that I can give is to be persistent. It took me a very long time to break into the field and it was really a matter of the right people seeing my work. To that end I would recommend getting a simple and professional looking website and being very active on the forums. That is the best way to get exposure. Of couse this does not matter if your work is not up to a professional level. You have to be very honest with yourself about how good you really are. A very small but strong portfolio is much better than one with some mediocre pieces thrown in as filler. I would rather see five good pieces than ten okay ones. Finally, send your work to EVERYONE! You never know what is going to happen.

This was taken from the FAQ section of Dylan Cole. He’s just an awesome matte painter you can’t miss!

Well,  I’m in a slump lately. Doing all the coding and fixing of my websites really tried me out. Although I have lots of ideas right now for speed paints, I’ve still got some priorities I need to deal with first like getting a real job! I’ve been researching where I should apply and how I should live my life so, yeah. I might try out post production first before digging deeper into digital painting since it’s the most feasible option right now in this country.

-Deiv Calviz

*EDIT: Well, this isn’t too much of a big thing, but for me, it is. I was just asking around the net when Rahll from DeviantArt replied. He told me this:

“People come across my portfolio, or a friend or previous client recommends me. The best advice I can give you is to post your work in as many places as you can online, and network with other artists”

It just strengthens the thought that Dylan Cole said and, I guess, it’s the ONLY WAY for me to follow if I plan to break into this field.

I’ve got a LONG way to go then. 🙂

Originality of Concept

“The idea of ‘originality of concept’ being the highest value in art is a legitimate one. “

-Craig Mullins

just a phrase to remind me…
I must admit that a lot of my works are just shallow eye candy. Gotta get back to that creative mood again SOON!

Process Video – Misaki Nakahara Fan Art

Ok, first of all I admit that I had a lot of mistakes in this artwork, mainly in the face part. That’s why the first half is like dedicated to just the face!

Cute girls will always be harder to draw compared to macho men IMO!

Take note also that I was not able to include the first part which was sketching the pose. I included the pose reference in the file and I did NOT TRACE over it.

Also here are a few pointers I learned from doing this:

  • Translating from anime style to semi-realistic is NOT as simple as shading the 2D anime line work. What I learned is that it was easier to try to look for references of real people who look like the anime character instead of just imagining transforming it into a real person.

  • Having separate layers for the character and the background helps a lot especially if your background needs lots of strokes.

  • Textures! Even a slight overlay of texture(artificial or not), or the slightest noise, helps in making an image appear less digital!

  • Oh, and just don’t forget flipping the image over from time to time as well as setting a grayscale adjustment layer on top to check for values. If it looks good when flipped or when grayscaled, then you are going the right direction.

Well, that’s it! Thanks for watching!

Total time it took to finish this was around 15 hours within 3 days compressed in 14 minutes.

Final artwork can be found at my “works” page.

Music is by the awesome Alexander Blu! (creative commons)…