Speed Painting #001

Here’s my first speed painting for this blog. (…around 2 hours. I consider it as speed painting if its less than 3 hours.)

I got inspired by people like M@, Sparth, Vyle, and Feng Zhu so I wanted to try doing a  production concept art and this is what popped out of my head. I didn’t really have a plan except I wanted a desert scene in the afternoon or something. I quickly realized that painting loosely is actually harder than it looks! You paint with value and form instead of using lines at first. This process is all about having less strokes with maximum impact. Details are only implied because the main goal is to sell the shot and overall design. I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet but I’ll be focusing on this technique for a while until I master it. Besides, it’s really fun since you won’t need to worry much about your strokes not being exact.

Also, I feel like my free time for painting is going to be less starting next week as I’m going to be really really busy with work. Hopefully, that won’t stop me from doing speed paintings. Next set will be futuristic cities. 🙂

Credits to Mathias Verhasselt for some brushed used. I’m gonna make my own soon though!



Thanks pat! I’m not really happy with the sand dunes but hey.. for a timed piece, I think it’s ok! Yay! Oh and I’m still sick :(…


you’re welcome kuya dave! its a nice piece 8D
on no D: get well sooooon! :]

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