Standing By

First post of the year… I KNOW! Where have I been?! Well, to be honest I’m still adjusting with “work life” among other things. I could say that I just started as a concept artist/illustrator this month. So far, it doesn’t really feel like “real” work which is awesome. Being surrounded there by multi-talented people is really humbling, really. 😀 I wish I could show the few stuff I did but I can’t post or say anything about them, unfortunately. I guess this the sad part of being an illustrator/concept artist.

Anyway, here’s something new from me for my “about” page. I happen to pass by a cat sleeping under the shade of a tree at some random park but I didn’t want to disturb it so… yeah, that seems right for something made up…  I was actually just studying how light bounces around during the day and this came out. I wanted to try something Goro Fujita-ish since he’s a master of lighting and cute stuff. I think I pulled it off somehow. TIP: Always remember that the sky’s color determines the tint of the shadows since it’s the ambient light.

I’m gonna start posting my scribbles soon.. meaning really rough stuff… just to keep the updates flowing. I’m starting to go back to the basics again which could be boring for most people but I really couldn’t stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to


This goes out to all the artists out there.  🙂

Looking forward to the rest of the year! Lots and lots of art experiments and contests!

Thanks for visiting!

Speed Painting #003 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hey, it’s kinda late but I wanted to do something for the holidays so here we go… Alien Santa… around 2hrs as usual.. 🙂

(now that it’s done… I realized that I’m pulling references from Men in Black if you know what I mean.. )

Loads of new stuff coming by 2011 so watch out! This would be my last post for this year so…

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

and a BIG THANKS for visiting my blog!

Starcraft x Halo

so I’m back… AND… I joined another contest!

I’m sorry I haven’t updated much because I’m still adjusting to my new working life. Apparently, I got a job in a game asset outsourcing company as a 2D Generalist or something. Anyway, this piece is pretty epic in my opinion. It’s for a small video game mash up contest at DeviantArt and what’s funny is that I drew Starcraft again. I’ve never drawn so many dynamic characters in a single piece so this was pretty challenging. Even if I still want to, I won’t be detailing this anymore since I’ve already submitted to the contest. It’s also just a fan art and as much as I want to stay away from fan arts, contests related to it just pop up so I just had to take the opportunity. Well, wish me luck! The results will be out around next week, I think.

Anyway, I hope I can update again soon even if things are getting REALLY busy since it’s almost Christmas!

Painted in around 11hrs.

Process Video – Hydra

Hi guys!

Unfortunately, I’m a bit too exhausted for any real art update. I’ve been really busy with a post production freelance gig. It’s tiring but really fun! Anyway, I’m really going to miss post prod for a while though since I’ll be working full-time for a game asset outsourcing company soon. I hope I could focus more on my 2D stuff by then.

Anyway, this is a video of my latest speed paint for that ImagineFX Classic Fantasy Raffle. Unfortunately, I didn’t win in the raffle but it was still fun to do this. I had a time when I was still in elementary that I only liked to draw monsters and dragons. I kinda want to try doing those again. I still have a lot to learn on how to paint scales and textures though. Got to learn a lot more from Nebezial.

Thanks for watching!
Took around 1 hour 45 minutes.

Final artwork:

Music is by the awesome Alexander Blu! (creative commons)…

Speed Painting #002

I found out that ImagineFX is giving away free subscriptions for their small art raffle and, to join, they require a classic fantasy themed work. Well, they mentioned dungeons and dragons-ish types so I gave it a go. I’ve always loved to draw dragons when I was a child but it sorta faded as I grew up. I’m definitely going to draw more dragons after this one. 🙂

2 hours speed paint.

Speed Painting #001

Here’s my first speed painting for this blog. (…around 2 hours. I consider it as speed painting if its less than 3 hours.)

I got inspired by people like M@, Sparth, Vyle, and Feng Zhu so I wanted to try doing a  production concept art and this is what popped out of my head. I didn’t really have a plan except I wanted a desert scene in the afternoon or something. I quickly realized that painting loosely is actually harder than it looks! You paint with value and form instead of using lines at first. This process is all about having less strokes with maximum impact. Details are only implied because the main goal is to sell the shot and overall design. I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet but I’ll be focusing on this technique for a while until I master it. Besides, it’s really fun since you won’t need to worry much about your strokes not being exact.

Also, I feel like my free time for painting is going to be less starting next week as I’m going to be really really busy with work. Hopefully, that won’t stop me from doing speed paintings. Next set will be futuristic cities. 🙂

Credits to Mathias Verhasselt for some brushed used. I’m gonna make my own soon though!