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So I missed the year-end-post…I’m late again! …but whatever.. Happy New Year!! Here’s a portrait of some girl… my last 2012 illustration.. It started out as a practice of Nathan Fowkes’ method and turned into this character for my story that I haven’t finished yet. I’m giving away the PSD of this portrait for FREE!!… Read more »

2 Demons and some heads

Demon: Cresil

Demon stuff… it’s always fun to do monsters and demons! Also, I have this new goal of getting better with faces so I began to number my studies. The second image below are all studies from Loomis. I might go and copy all the heads he drew in his book, “Drawing the Head and Hands”…. Read more »

Abaddon and Venom – Painting Process


Kinda late post. I had it up on the tube for quite a while already before this post. Anyway, I’d be continuing doing these process videos for personal pieces for as long as I can. This is my only way of tracking my progress while giving back to the art community so hopefully other people… Read more »

The Rift has Opened!

Death Colossus: Villicus

Hey, I’m back!  …somehow I’m getting my flow back thanks to this contest. lol. Anyway, wish me luck! As usual, I’ve recorded it for anybody interested. I’m kinda lazy re-posting the video comments here.. so please just visit my youtube channel if you want to read what tips I could offer from each piece. Thanks!

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Better late than never! Trick or treat everyone! I couldn’t believe I finished this in a record time! 4 1/2hr.. Trance music really works! Also, I used a new technique I learned from noah-kh. Cheers!