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2014 Wrap Up

Hey guys, I’ll just make this very short. Here are some stuff I did this year. My last client work for the year below. I also did a few speed paints that you can check at my facebook page. Advanced Happy New Year!


Memory Walk

Another lame update. Other than the weird looking random mma guy up there, I did a memory painting below based on the sidewalk I pass through when I go home. It’s a good way to practice your “photographic” memory. I also finished one old thumbnail I did below. It’s sorta looks sparth inspired even if it… Read more »

Done with leg and face muscles!

Anatomy Study 031

Hey guys! I’m done with the muscles study! This means that the next logical thing to do after is to apply what I learned in a painting or something. Also, the next set of studies would be on the external form. I’ll be focusing next on gestures, form and light. In the meantime, I’ll be… Read more »

Forearm Muscles Done!

Anatomy Study 017

Finally finished the shoulder and forearm muscle studies! It was really confusing figuring out how the different forearm muscles connect to the hand. Good thing that Ron Lemen’s instructions made it really easier to understand. I think it’s a lot easier to understand if you just group them into two groups. The extensors which connect… Read more »

Skeletons and Arm Muscles!

Anatomy Study 014

Third post on my third straight week! New personal blog record maybe? I’m really glad this is coming along well. It was very hard for me to make this into a routine but I just had to if I really wanted to get better. No new art this week but lots of anatomy studies done… Read more »